Tree Felling Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

I have a palm and yucca plant which I think are dead, can you help remove these plants?

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with Palm tree removal services that will include the total removal of the tree from root to peak.

Do I also have to pay for cleanup services?

It depends on the amount of rubbish generated from your project which would normally require us to do more than two trips are charged but anything less than that we do clean ups for free of charge.

I need to get rid of my tree ASAP, how quick can you get the job?

This type of request will fall under our emergency service offerings and you will be charged extra for emergency services which we usually undertake as fast as possible. With tie frames between an hour to three.

Who can request your services?

Tree felling services are offered to the offers:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Parks
  • Hotels
  • State Owned Areas
  • Educational Facilities
  • Industrial Sites

How soon can you make it to my location, I am based in central Johannesburg?

Fortunately for you, you are within a free zone area which means we can make it to your location at no extra charge. It will take us five minutes to get to your location.